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The technology of Valor Saúde Brasil platform fits within the framework of ICHOM's global measurement standards for implementation

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We deliver value-based care to all

ICHOM and Valor Saúde Brasil: united by the purpose of promoting positive transformation in the healthcare system and outcomes delivered to patients.

ICHOM (International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement) was founded in 2012 by professors Michael Porter of Harvard Business School, Dr. Stefan Larsson of Boston Consulting Group, and Martin Ingvar of Karolinska Institutet. Its goal is to spread the potential of value-based healthcare - delivering the best outcomes for patients at the lowest possible cost.

With the aim of improving outcomes that matter to patients and reducing the costs to achieve them, ICHOM has developed a globally recognized methodology.

What is ICHOM's methodology?

ICHOM uses validated and standardized questionnaires developed by renowned experts used to measure and track clinical outcomes of various health conditions.

The questionnaires focus on quality-of-life outcomes and are measured through Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement (PROMs) and Patient-Reported Experience Measurement (PREMs).

The goals of ICHOM's methodology are:

  • Establish high-quality standards for patient care.
  • Encourage the adoption of best practices.
  • Provide a better life for the entire population.

Everyone wins

Standardized measurement of clinical outcomes allows for performance comparison, yielding benefits for everyone:


Can choose doctors and treatments based on value delivery

Healthcare professionals

Can learn from each other and improve patient care

Health insurers

Can reimburse based on value delivery

Health service providers

Can reduce waste, improve patient outcomes and learn from mistakes


Can experience increased access to the healthcare system
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Implement ICHOM sets with Valor Saúde Brasil

Hospitals, healthcare service providers, public and private operators can contract Valor Saúde Brasil to implement ICHOM care and outcome measurement sets and improve the performance of over 40 care pathways.

Consulting services can also be contracted to accelerate and simplify implementation.

Uncover the various features of the application designed for ICHOM Sets implementation and more

ICHOM selected Valor Saúde Brasil as a partner due to its experience in transforming healthcare systems

Jennifer Bright

President do ICHOM

We are excited to work with Valor Saúde Brasil, which has joined us as a Certified Implementation Partner of ICHOM. The experience of Grupo IAG Saúde, company that developed the platform, in supporting healthcare systems to develop and improve their services is impressive. We look forward to a successful future with patients at the center of our mission.

This is an exciting opportunity to expand our relationship with Latin America and specifically Brazil in the implementation of ICHOM Patient-Reported Outcome Measures.

Valor Saúde Brasil and ICHOM have aligned missions to improve value-based healthcare delivery, supporting more and more organizations in improving outcomes delivered to patients.

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